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If you were here for just one NEARfest, all thirteen, or any number in
between, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for turning musical
dreams into lifetime musical memories. With your presence, you also
turned online acquaintanceships into lifetime friendships and in some
cases lifetime loves. While the festival itself has run its natural course,
we trust the musical and social connections will live on. We know for
certain that there will always be musicians with open minds, big ears,
and bigger hearts who are not satisfied to write simple protest, love, or
dance songs. They will continue to create and compose and push the
sonic envelope. While progressive rock might change and morph away
from its original sonic palette, it will live. Keep your ears peeled and your
spirit open, and you might be surprised by what you hear.

Now, dear NEARfest, go gently into the good night. Music is not static, it
has to have a beginning, and an end. You’ve been a shining light of
friendship and passion and music for thousands of people, artists and
attendees alike. For us in the brain trust, who brought you into the world,
you’ve provided some low lows and massive frustrations but you’ve also
brought us face-to-face with exalted peak experiences we will remember
until our dying days. We’ll always be proud of what we accomplished
together. We wouldn’t change a thing. Everything happened as it should.
Circumstances saw to it that we return once more to see you off
properly, with one final blaze of glorious progressive music. Farewell, old

Rob & Chad & Kevin
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